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Why Jason?

This image contains a letter to potential constituents with the following text: Dear Neighbor,Missoula is a place where people live good lives in the company of good people. It’s this way because the choices we made in the past make it possible in the present. Four years ago, I ran to represent Ward One on the next Missoula City Council because I want to keep Missoula the sort of place we love right on into the future.City Council matters. The streets, neighborhoods, parks and public plazas of Missoula bear directly on the day-to-day patterns that make up life in a city—they have a real impact on what we do, how we get around town and how we interact with one another. As a member of City Council, I foremost consider whether the votes I cast, policies I support and appropriations I authorize will knit Missoula together by promoting culture, community and commerce.Public service requires hard work, a grasp of nitty-gritty details and an ability to integrate specific solutions into a larger vision—qualities I have shown my entire adult life, first as a student of economics and philosophy, and then during work as a financial analyst, journalist, and teacher. As a member of City Council, I have been a communicator, publishing opinion pieces in local papers to communicate with citizens, and I have been an advocate, pushing for projects like the Rattlesnake sewer, the North Higgins reconstruction, the Northside pedestrian bridge repairs and numerous other public works efforts.Please participate in this election, which will again be conducted by mail. The surest way to do that is to ensure you are registered to vote at your current address; call 258-4751 to re-register or check your registration. General election ballots will arrive soon after October 24, with voting concluding on November 8. You can click here to help by offering some of your time, yard space or funding.The stakes are high. Missoula’s open spaces, environmental quality, community-oriented development and commercial prosperity all depend on good government. As a member of City Council, I will continue Ward One’s tradition of progressive leadership.I have been encouraged to again receive the support of Mayor John Engen, fellow Ward One City Council member Dave Strohmaier, state representative Bryce Bennett and many others. I hope you will join us.Please tell your friends about my campaign. I look forward to meeting you and your neighbors during the campaign. In the meantime, I invite your questions and comments about what matters to you most about Missoula. Thank you for your support and remember to vote. Regards, Jason Wiener